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Jun 28, 2021  Foil aluminium alloy 8011 and 3003 for sale has tempers of O, H22, H24, thickness of 0.04-0.13mm, and width of 150-1300mm. The aluminum foil alloy 3003 and 8011 are used in making food containers for fast food restaurants, takeaway fast-food stores, home kitchens, hos and service industries related to packaged

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Sep 10, 2021  Haomei supply high quality aluminum foil large rolls applied in packaging, household, electrical, air conditioning, cable and construction industry. Aluminum foil jumbo rolls classification can be divided into packaging foil, commodity foil, electrical equipment foil and construction foil according to the type of

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Alloy , Large Rolls Of Aluminum Foil, View Large Haomei Aluminum Foil Large Rolls | 3003 Haomei supply high quality aluminum foil large rolls applied in packaging, household, electrical, air conditioning, cable and construction

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May 18, 2021  Here, Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum foil manufacturer. so the thick aluminum foil products we provide are not only 8011, but also 1235, 8021, 3003, 8079 and so on. So far, we have more than 24 years of production history and 11 years of export

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Aluminum Foil Large Rolls. Alloy: 8011 Thickness: 0.006-0.2mm Width: 50-1600mm MOQ:

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Dec 01, 2021  Aluminum alloy foil are commonly used aluminum foil specification grade, for household, container and packaging.The advantages of aluminum foil are obvious, so it is very popular among the user groups, and it has been used in many fields such as pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cable foil, and sealing

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Specifications of A- 3003 Soft paper food packing aluminum foil 6 micron -9 micron : 1. Alloy: 1235,3003,8001 etc. 2. Thickness:

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8011 aluminum foil for making foil container/foil tray/foil platter, Our container foil jumbo roll is superior household material for packaging which features resistance to water and oil, isolation to light and conductivity of heat. It is environmental friendly and is reusable. Technical Specifications. Alloy: 8011, 8006,

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Aluminium foil jumbo roll usually refers to extra wide and extra large aluminum foil coil. There are Mingtai aluminum foil jumbo rolls available in 0.007-0.2 thickness, 100-1550 width, and 150kg-2000kg weight per roll. Such as 8011, 3003, 1235 jumbo

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3003 Aluminum Foil Description Properties of Honeycomb Foil 3003 aluminum foil containers are the ideal material for honeycomb foil composite board in decoration industry. 3003 container aluminum foil can be used as decorative material, interior walls, roofs, building deadening material and door

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Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum foil raw materials for food packaging. The raw materials of aluminum foil for food packaging are mainly 1 series, 3 series and 8 series products, mainly including models 1060, 1100, 3003, 8011, 8021 and so

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Haomei Aluminum is a professional supplier of aluminum foil large rolls with alloy 8011/8079/1235/ 1060, we supply low price and fast production delivery.. Large aluminum foil roll can be used for making foil container/foil tray/foil platter, it is superior household material for packaging which features resistance to water and oil, isolation to light and conductivity of

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8011 aluminium alloy 8011 aluminium alloy price is a big concern for users. Like aluminum 8011 h14 aluminum alloy container foil, the market competitiveness and demand are relatively large. The research and development design and production methods of aluminum foil manufacturer are factors that affect its

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Signi Aluminium is a professional aluminium foil Manufacturers Suppliers.We produce aluminium foil with 8021 alloy.The aluminium foil can be divided into Metallised films,Lacquered aluminium foil,Hydrophilic aluminium foil,Honeycomb aluminium foil edc.used in medical supplies and food

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0.3mm 3003 h24 aluminium coil, HM Aluminum, specialized in making high strength and high precision aluminum alloy products, including aluminum alloy pipes, aluminum alloy bars and rods, aluminum alloy profiles, with option of 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 4000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series, 8000 series and 9000 series aluminium alloy applied as aircraft structural

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Price of 3003 Aluminum Foil in Kenya. Due to best 3003 aluminium foil price in kenya, 3003 al foil is very popular in the fields of food container, electronics, construction an so on. In fact, 3003 alloy foil has higher elongation than 8011 and 1 series alloys. Besides, it also has good corrosion resistance, formability, processability,

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Oct 20, 2021  Aluminum foil for decoration alloy . The aluminum foil for decoration alloy is a decorative material applied in the form of aluminum-plastic composite, which utilizes the good coloration and high light-heat reflectivity characteristics of aluminum

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3003 aluminum alloy foil and aluminium sheets is made of aluminium and is ideal for all roofing and cladding needs. ! aluminum metals Online. Fr Es En +-0371

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Xuzhou Hanyu Aluminum Industry Ltd. is an aluminum coil manufacturer integrating R D, production and sales. The common products are 1050, 1060 , 3003, 3004, 5052,8011 aluminum coils, sheets, foils and other products. As an aluminum coil processing factory, It mainly produces aluminum materials for battery shell of new energy vehicles