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87 rows  Static Coefficient of Friction: Dry Contac Lubricated Contac Aluminum. Aluminum: 1.10 -1.35.30: Aluminum-Bronze Alloy : Steel.46-Aluminum: Steel.61-Brake (Composite) Cast Iron.40.21 (wet) Brass: Steel.50.19: Brass: Cast Iron .28 : Brick: Wood.60-Bronze: Cast Iron .21-Bronze Sintered : Steel-.12: Bronze: Steel .16::.50.05:: Chromium (Chrome) .40.35:

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Coefficient Of Friction Material 1 Material 2 DRY Greasy

Coefficient Of Friction DRY Greasy Test method Static Sliding Static Sliding Aluminum Aluminum 1,05-1,,4 0,3 Aluminum Mild Steel1 0,47 Brake Material Cast Iron 0,4 Brake Material Cast Iron (Wet) 0,2 Brass Cast Iron 0,3 Brick Wood

Coefficient Of Friction Between Belt And Pulley

Aug 25, 2021  μ = 0.54 – {42.6/ (152.6 + v)} where, v = Speed of the belt in meters per minute. The following table shows the values of coefficient of friction for various materials of belt and Table 1 Coefficient of friction between belt and

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